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Suitable for any home, the Smart Parcel Box is available in medium, large and extra-large sizes. We offer a range of parcel delivery boxes suitable for residential, apartment, bungalow and business use. Smart Parcel Box is the largest brand of parcel boxes on the market, with the extra-large being the biggest external, lockable drop box currently available in the UK.

Top FAQ's

What is a parcel box?

A Smart Parcel Box is a secure mailbox that is affixed to the outside of your property. Each parcel box can be wall mounted, bolted to the floor or affixed to a fence; this steel box will keep your parcels safe when you’re not home to receive them. Parcel drop boxes come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours, so you can pick one that suits your home.

How does a parcel box work?

Simply lift or open the lid, place the parcel inside, and close it. Your parcel will then go down the chute, and into the compartment below. This compartment is protected by an anti-fishing bar, so parcels cannot be accessed once delivered.

Will Amazon deliver to a parcel box?

Yes. Amazon and all major delivery services will deliver to a parcel box.

What size parcel boxes do you have?

Smart Parcel Boxes currently come in three different sizes – medium, large and extra large. This allows you to select a box based on your personal needs. From a single person household, to large families and small businesses, our parcel boxes suit a variety of needs.

What size packages can be put into a parcel box?

A medium size parcel box has a maximum parcel size of H320 x W205 x D120 mm.

A large parcel box has a maximum parcel size of 330 x 280 x 255 mm.

An extra large parcel box has a maximum size of 450 x 340 x 260 mm.

Secure Outdoor Wall Mounted Parcel Delivery Box

The medium delivery box is available in 7 bold colours: choose from black, grey, green, cream, yellow, blue or red. This smaller sized box is ideal for small homes and for those who are looking for a more compact solution. The large and extra-large parcel box designs feature a front and rear retrieval door, allowing the box to be fitted into a wall if so desired. These built in parcel boxes are available in green, grey, black and red and are ideal for larger households, businesses or for those who receive deliveries on a regular basis.

Smart Parcel Box is a part of Homescapes, a UK-based online retailer specialising in hotel quality bed linen, furniture and home furnishings, and established in the year 2000. Recognising that there was a need for a safe and secure home parcel delivery service, the Smart Parcel Box was born.

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